Dr. Uri Golomb, Musicologist

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Dr. Uri Golomb I am a musicologist, lecturer, translator and editor. I studied musicology at Tel Aviv University, King’s College London, and Cambridge University. For details of my scholarly work, see my biography, as well as my profile on Academia.edu.

I have done work as translator and editor for students and scholars at Tel Aviv, Bar-Ilan and the Hebrew Universities; for the Ministry of Education; the Israel Music Institute; and others. As a translator, I work in both directions (English to Hebrew, Hebrew to English). I also offer academic editing, assisting authors in tightening the structure and argumentation of their texts. I can also provide advice on works in progress – advising on the viability of research proposals, assisting in bibliographical searches, and so forth.

14/11 Bilu Street, Tel Aviv 65222 03-6850597 054-6320458 רח' בילו 14/11, תל אביב